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Get what you need to become a published author.
Because even with a great idea and great writing ability, the path to becoming a published author can feel long, arduous and lonely.
If you feel discouraged, uninspired, tired, just worn out, or intimidated by the process of publishing a nonfiction book in today's tough publishing market, don't give up. You can - and should - realize your dream of becoming a published author.
Not every writer feels cut out for being an author in today's publishing world. It takes a certain determination. I certain willingness to take on roles--to wear hats that have never before belonged to a writer. If that turns you off, you may need help adjusting your attitude so you don't block yoursel from achieving your goal of becoming a published author. You might need support embracing the job you have ahead of you--that of an author.
Whether you decide to independently publish your book or to look for a traditional publisher, you can find the help and support you need to stay inspired and excited about the publishing process. All you need is an author coach like Nina Amir to keep you on the right track, feeling passionate, and taking manageable steps towards your goal.
An Author Coach will:
  • provide you with guidance
  • offer coaching, motivation and assistance when you feel blocked or discouraged
  • tell you what to do at every stage of the writing and publishing process
  • help you reach your goal
If you feel the need for help with developing your social media presence, your book promotion or your author's platform in general, an author coach can help you with this as well. With author coaching, it becomes easy to develop your unique promotion and marketing plan--one that works for you and for your book. Nina Amir will help you:
  • determine what social media to use
  • show you how to use your social media effectively and in a time-efficient manner
  • use e-zine articles to promote and market your blog, website, book, and services
  • put you in touch with the right professionals to help you gain media attention
  • develop a step-by-step plan to build a platform
  • create a media kit
  • choose the parts of your promotion plan
  • decide how to reach your market
Plus, every author needs a business plan. If you are working on a book proposal as you try to fulfill your dream of becoming an author (either self-published or traditionally published), an author coach can help you get through what can feel like an intimidating process of writing a business plan. Allow Nina Amir to help you go through the proposal process and compile the information necessary for a proposal or business plan. As your author coach she'll actually support you as you write your proposal. (Proposal editing is not included; proposal consulting is included.) Here you receive:
  • feedback on your book proposal
  • a workbook to help you compile the information necessary for a book proposal
  • a critique of each proposal or business plan section
  • a critique of your business plan and book idea
Coaching sessions are personalized to your needs. Coaching includes four one-hour sessions to keep you moving towards your publishing goals. These can also be broken down into 30-minute sessions twice a week.
If this is too much for your budget, try two hours a month. These can also be broken down into 30-minute sessions.

Coaching Fee:

$399 per month

Coaching Fee:

$247 per month


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If you're feeling frustrated, unmotivated, blocked, in need of guidance, or in any way deterred by the nonfiction publishing process, hire a publishing mentor or coach fast! Don't let your dream of writing and publishing a book die. Don't let your words get lost before you get them down on paper or out in some fashion for people to read. Hire Nina Amir as your author advisor or coach to keep you motivated, on track, positive, inspired, passionate, and moving toward achieving your dream of becoming a published author!


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