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Blog Your Way to a Book Deal:

How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Manuscripts on the Internet


Could your blog become the next Julie & Julia? It’s possible.   


Could your blog propel you into the world of traditional publishing success or provide you with a platform from which to self-publish your books successfully? YES!


Blogging provides the easiest and fastest way to write a book and promote it at the same time.


You can blog you way to a book deal or to a successfully self-published book...one post at a time.


Given the current state of traditional publishing, writers must creatively take their careers into their own hands and use the technology available. A blog provides an aspiring author with a powerful platform-building tool and a superb way to gain exposure to agents and publishers. The savvy writer, therefore, should learn: how to use blogging as a unique and fast way not only to write a book but to publish and to promote it as well one post at a time in cyberspace.


This teleclass is geared primarily towards nonfiction writers, but fiction writers also will find most of the tools offered applicable. It focuses upon blogging a book from scratch but will touch on repurposing existing blog posts into a book. How to set up a blog will not be covered in any type of technical detail. 


It covers:

  • How to evaluate your book idea for cyber and print writing and publishing 
  • How to write blog posts to attract readers and create a manuscript concurrently
  • How to set up your blog for book blogging ease
  • How to promote using social media  
  • What to do when you finish your manuscript 
  • What to tell agents and publishers about your blog and blogged book
  • And more! 

This teleclass is offered over four consecutive weeks for one hour each week. You will incur a normal long-distance telephone charge for this teleclass.


(This teleseminar is offered over four consecutive weeks for one hour each week.)
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*You will incur a normal long-distance telephone charge for this teleseminar.

How to Blog a Book
Cost: $99



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