How to Evaluate Your Book for Success!
A Step-by-Step Workbook for Conceiving a Successful Book Before You Give Birth to It

For Compiling the Information Necessary for a Nonfiction Book Proposal)

What’s your greatest fear as an aspiring author?  

That you’ll fail in your endeavor to become a published writer? 
That you’ll never find a publisher willing to offer you a contract?

That you’ll write and publish a book and no one will read (buy) it? 


Fear no more. 


In How to Evalute Your Book for Success! you will find a process—an industry standard—proven to assess whether or not your book idea (or manuscript) has what it takes to make it in today’s publishing market. By using this tool, you can create a successful book—one that sells to readers and to publishers.


How to Evaluate Your Book for Success!
A Step-by-Step Guide to Conceiving a Successful Book
Before You Give Birth to It

Many authors sit down and write their book without really knowing what it’s about
or if it’s a viable idea or one that can succeed. Success in the publishing world means
the book will sell. It’s a huge waste of time and energy to go to all the trouble of
writing a full manuscript if you don’t know if anyone will buy your book once published.

How to Evaluate Your Book for Success! is NOT a workbook on how to write a nonfiction book proposal, although by using it you WILL compile all the information you need to write one.

How to Evaluate Your Book for Success! IS a workbook about how to use the nonfiction book proposal process to:

  • conceptualize both the creative and the business aspects of a successful nonfiction book 
  • understand what it takes to write a successful nonfiction book and get it published traditionally or independently 
  • decide if you are cut out for the job of being an author 
  • clarify your book idea, message and content 
  • develop a “pitch” (or book hook) 
  • summarize your whole book in 500 words 
  • expand your pitch into a table of contents and a chapter-by-chapter synopsis 
  • discern the benefits and features of your book 
  • learn to use a proposal as a writing guide 
  • create a business plan for your book 
  • discover if your book has a market or competition 
  • learn how to build platform 

Don’t write a word of your nonfiction book until you’ve used this workbook! Otherwise you may end up writing your whole book—and publishing it—only to discover you have no market, too much competition or simply didn’t know what you were writing about. Don’t waste your time and money. Instead purchase How to Evaluate your Book for Success! today!

Cost: $14.95 (Value of Information:  Priceless)
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Everyone―even those writers planning on self-publishing their books―should go through the "nonfiction book proposal process" inlcuded in this workbook. It provides a wonderful assessment tool that helps you figure out if the book you want to write is viable, or salable. Using this workbook, you will look at your idea through the lens of a book proposal, and you'll soon know if it has a chance of succeeding in the market or not.

If you’ve already written a manuscript or a book, the proposal process helps you evaluate if you need to re-angle your book, alter the title, add features or benefits, etc. It also will tell you if you need to toss the manuscript in the garbage and start on a new one.

You can also use the workbook if you've already written a proposal. It will help you evaluate your idea and discern if you have all the information you need to win the attention of an agent or publisher.

The proposal “process” doesn’t involve actually writing a completed nonfiction book proposal. By moving through the 9 steps, you will compile all the information necessary to write a proposal should you want to do so later, and you will hone your idea and conceive a book idea that sells—to publishers as well as to readers.

So don't write that book...yet! Don't submit that manuscript or proposal...yet! Don't publish your book...yet! First, go through the proposal process by using How to Evaluate Your Book for Success! Purchase it today. You won't be sorry. This workbook is the best investment you can make in creating a successful book.

How to Evaluate Your Book for Success!
Cost: $14
(Value of Information:  Priceless)
Shipping: $2.50

How to Evaluate Your Book Workbook Cover

Cost: $14.95
(Value of Information:  Priceless)
Shipping: $2.50

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Easy-Schmeazy Nonfiction Book Proposal Template

If you've read all the books on how to write a book proposal and you are still at a loss for how to actually put the pieces together, save yourself some time and money with this plug-and-use template. It will help you format your proposal to industry standards. Plus, if you've already used the Evaluate Your Book For Success Workbook, this is the perfect follow-up document. Simply take the information you've compiled and start dropping into into this document. Then polish and hone until you've got a winning proposal.


Cost: $14.99