A great idea and good writing are not enough to make you
a nonfiction author.

Change your title from aspiring nonfiction author to  published nonfiction author.

Better yet, change it to
successful published nonfiction author.

 Nina Amir  


Nina Amir

Inspiration to Creation Coach

helps you achieve the results you desire:


Get your book written
Build author platform
Create a career as a writer and author
Produce the documents agents and publshers want
Get your manuscript print ready
Develop the habits necessary to become an author
Combine your passion and purpose into publishable or published products
Become the business partner publishers desire
Learn the mindset necessary to succeed
Tap into the source of your highest potenial


Radical Forgiveness

"Nina is one of those editors who can improve what you have written without losing any of the essence.  I came to trust her so much that I would not even go back to my original to check it.  Sales of the book she helped me publish in 1997 have reached around 150,000 worldwide and are still rising. Good editing sells books! I highly recommend her work." 

Colin Tipping,
Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle


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